Biel Barceló, happy that the ministry is doing good work.

11-10-2017Joan Torres

Tourism minister Biel Barceló, facing calls for his resignation over the Més contracts affair and in light of the departure of Pere Muñoz, the director of the Balearic Tourism Agency, hit back at his critics yesterday by saying that he and the ministry are doing "very good work".

Barceló said that he could understand that the Partido Popular "with its usual demagoguery and destructive opposition would call for more blood". However, he stressed, "we will continue working and continue to do very good work".

He went on to explain that the government has fulfilled more than what had been set out in the agreements for change with Podemos (who have also been calling for his head). These agreements, drawn up as the basis for the government (PSOE and Més) working with Podemos, hadn't included establishing a limit on the number of tourist places or the moratorium on new holiday rental licences, which will last at least until zoning decisions have been made.

Podemos know perfectly well, he added, that the agreements for change are being complied with, "that we are open to continue talking and that we are always available". He pointed out that Podemos had supported the tourist tax and the holiday rentals law (albeit that this did require an amendment and a government decree in order to satisfy Podemos).


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Paul / Hace over 4 years

This guy needs help as he is clearly suffering from delusions. Just returned from Puerto Pollensa this week and the effects of the apartment ban was noticeable. Whilst not ignoring the problems of Palma and places for residents to live, that's a very different issue but the same sledgehammer is hitting everything. Down the Pinewalk, many apartments closed up with no occupancy and similarly in the likes of Llenaire, Gotmar and Belleresguard all of which have hundreds of apartments which have only ever been used for holiday use. Although late in the season, we have been at this time of year many times and the difference is noticeable. Many restaurants empty or nearly empty - for the first time ever, we were accosted by waiters thrusting menus in our hands and even in places which you would be lucky to get a table without booking last year we were able to walk up and choose where we wanted. If this continues much longer, many of these places will be broke and the entire front of Puerto Pollensa will be shuttered up and empty. Yes Senor Barceló - what a great job you're doing for these people


Larry HENSON / Hace over 4 years

Even if he says it himself!


john hughes / Hace over 4 years

One has to have a sense of something ...what is he smoking ?


TC / Hace over 4 years

The man who wears a teflon suit, nothing sticks to him even though he ruins other people's lives and businesses!


Jason / Hace over 4 years

biel... Resign NOW... The more I look at your picture and listen to your way out opinions, at first I thought it was a smugg smile then I see it again and again and looks more like worried man trying to fake a smile ! The eyes say it all and the eyes never lie unlike you ! People get voting on the pole and this man out ASAO.


Steve Riches / Hace over 4 years

Mad as a hatter.


Jason / Hace over 4 years

biel look at the poll and wake up and get packing no one likes you and everyone wants you out NOW ....


Jason / Hace over 4 years

You couldn't make it up ! This man is so away with the fairies, does he actually believe his doing a very good job ? If so he needs to go to rehab and get off whatever he is taking and come down to reality where the normal people live ! The only thing this man is very good at is ruining peoples and business and bankrupting the economy, great biel you must be proud ! Didn't use a capital letter to start your name as your not worthy !


Malin / Hace over 4 years

This guy and his associates running the Balearic govt. should really look into doing stand-up comedy once their term ends because they're pretty good at it. Folks are getting a good laugh each time these folks make public statements.


Ron / Hace over 4 years

Mr. Slippery has avoided the chop yet again. He is 'doing very good work' at putting his henchmen in the firing line - Muñoz this time. I give him a week before it's his turn to go. (although I said that months ago!) When he does go his legacy will be how single-handedly he destroyed the livelihoods of thousands including many businesses, the alienation of tourists, the longest dole queues in this island's history, resulting in an economy which will take years to recover - if it ever will !