Over 40,000 flights during the low season at Palma. | MDB

The low-season flights' schedule for Palma airport started yesterday and will be in force until the end of March, though it is subject to some amendment. The airlines and Aena haven't concluded all their discussions about slots and it is quite likely that there will be some adjustments especially for holiday periods. The final day of the low-season schedule is 30 March, Good Friday, and Holy Week is typically of course a time when there is additional demand.

What is known at present is that the number of seats and flights will increase by six per cent and 4.4% respectively. Over six million seats are scheduled as are more than 40,000 flights. The number of routes served between November 2016 and March 2017 was 115. This number could also increase.

Despite the loss of Air Berlin, Germany will as always be the main market apart from national flights. The UK, as we know, isn't that well served, but it is still a reasonably significant market where the airport is concerned.

Air Berlin's flights are being picked up by Niki, and it remains to be seen what happens with Monarch flights. The new Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics might provide some additional flights, though it isn't certain when its schedule will start. At present, Thomas Cook Airlines are showing UK flights from 24 March, though this could well change.

Aena applies a 20% tariff deduction for what it defines as the low season (November to March). This deduction is for all Balearic airports.

Hotel occupancy into the start of next year is expected to be similar to this year. In January it was 41% and rose to 66.5% in April. It is anticipated that more hotels will be opening earlier in 2018.