Tourist tax for boats and yachts? If they're moored in ports perhaps, but otherwise ... ? | MDB

The possibility of the tourist tax being applied to yachts was raised recently by union leaders, and now the parliamentary member for Gent per Formentera, Silvia Tur, has proposed that the tax should be applied to the nautical sector.

Aenib, the association for nautical businesses in the Balearics, has reacted to this by hoping that "common sense" will prevail in allowing a continuation of "the good harmony" that exists in growing the economy and tackling seasonality. The nautical sector is seen by the regional government in having a major role to play in both these respects.

Tur made the proposal in parliament earlier this week, and there was agreement - by 37 votes to 21 - for a study to be carried out into the legal feasibility and economic impact of applying the tax to the sector. Tur maintained that there should be an "equitable, fair and balanced" application of the tax, arguing that recreational boats and marinas consume resources and land in the same way as other tourism sectors. She highlighted the impact of "expansionist" projects at ports and said that they "should give a return to society".

The association, meanwhile, has pointed to the positive interventions made during the debate by representatives of the Partido Popular, El Pi and PSOE, noting that President Armengol stressed the economic role of the nautical industry.