Santanyi, where investment has been made in the market area. | M. Poquet

Seven million euros are to be spent on boosting local business in Majorca's towns and villages. For the Council of Majorca, which will be making this investment, the idea is to "humanise" the centres of these places and to return the "streets to the people".

Cosme Bonet, the councillor for economic affairs, says that the money will go on improving commercial streets, with one million euros to be spent next year and the other six million being split into two equal amounts for 2019 and 2020. Local trade is to be boosted, he adds, by making centres attractive to residents and therefore motivate them into purchasing.

Essentially, this will involve greater pedestrianisation, improved lighting so that shops can stay open later, the removal of architectural barriers (obstacles to people with reduced mobility) and the availability of car parking.

Criteria are being set to determine how the investment is to distributed. Population will be one criterion, another will be the value of proposals to be made by town halls.

Bonet stresses the importance of local businesses and notes that many town halls have already made their own investments in promoting local trade. He emphasises the necessity for there to be ample parking, "so that residents can park without problem and visit the centres of the villages and towns".