President Armengol, tourism minister Biel Barceló and Jason Moore at the World Travel Market in London. | MDB

"We have heard it all before," was how Balearic President Francina Armengol reacted to reports at London's World Travel Market today (Monday) which indicated that Turkey was trying to steal tourists away from the Balearics. "This time last year at the World Travel Market, we heard the same thing and the number of British tourists coming to our islands increased by two per cent," she said. "We have a fantastic holiday destination which will be hard to beat," and she added that competition was always healthy.

But should the Balearics be concerned? Turkish hoteliers have slashed their prices and a holiday there is 50 per cent cheaper compared to its Balearic equivalent. Some British travel firms are hedging their bets, expanding in Turkey but at the same time keeping an enormous programme to the Balearics. A veteran British travel expert told me that Turkey had a lot to offer and could dent the late booking market with its all-inclusive hotels, all of which are less than ten years old and come with their own water parks on site.

But the Balearics are the Balearics and to be truthful the islands are not even promoting the summer in London - it is low-season tourism. Armengol is not concerned about Turkey, she is concerned that there could be too many tourists coming to the islands in the summer which could result in a backlash locally. This is why winter is the byword in London. Not even plans by the government to increase the rate of tourist tax for next season has caused a ripple amongst the travel trade. 2017 was a fantastic season and early indications look to be the same again next year. Some may cry wolf and warn of Turkey and even further afield, but the numbers are with the Balearic government.

The view in London today was that it would take a lot more than a cheap Turkish delight to get the Balearics worried.