Signs of deterioration at the Charterhouse. | MDB

A proposal by Ciudadanos (C's) has been presented to the Council of Majorca for the rehabilitation of the Charterhouse in Valldemossa. There are parts of the building that are not in the best condition. There is, for example, some subsidence of corridors, while protective nets have had to be installed in case any rubble falls.

Jaume Salvà, who is the tourism councillor in Valldemossa and also the president of the board of trustees for the Charterhouse, says that a programme of restoration and preservation is complicated by the fact that there are that many owners. The town hall and the church are two of these, but then there are also the owners who are members of the Real Cartuja de Valldemossa society plus others - some from overseas - who have cells.

Salvà is proposing that there is a community of owners similar to a residents' community for apartment buildings. This would enable work to be done to common areas. At present, each owner takes care of individual cells and gardens, but there are elements at the Charterhouse that no one takes care of. Hence there is deterioration.

The C's are making clear that there is an obligation for maintenance and preservation because of the Charterhouse's listed status as a property in the cultural interest. The party wants financial aid to be made available for comprehensive rehabilitation work and for this to be decided within six months, given what it believes is the urgency.