Soller Train, closed in December and January for maintenance. | Archive

The world-famous Soller Train has announced a new special offer called Train Days. The special fares will be applicable to all passengers on the designated days and the offers will begin this month and then be repeated in February and March. The electric railway service closes over the winter.

The president of the Soller Train, Oscar Mayol, said that these special offers have been introduced to compensate for the elimination of resident discounts. "But with this special offer, all passengers will be able to benefit," he said.

The Train Days (El Dia del Tren) will be held this winter on 19 and 26 November, 4 and 11 February and 4 and 11 March. The railway will be closed from 11 December until 31 January for maintenance work. The special fares are going to be very competitive and will also include combination tickets for the train and the tram. Tickets will range from one euro to seven.