Tyla Carr.

When Tyla Carr first came to Majorca at the age of two, little did she know that some 22 years later she would be a top model shooting her 2018 calendar on her favourite island which she considers her second home.

Ever since Tyla was a little girl, or budding no-nonsense tomboy, she would come to Majorca every year with her family and eventually spent a couple of summers working on the island and built up a huge network of close friends and has always made a point of popping over to the island to see them and her father Johnny, whenever possible.

However, since her appearance in this year’s series of Love Island, which was filmed here on the island, Tyla’s feet have not touched the ground as she has become hot property in the celebrity and modelling world. It’s taken me ever since she came out of the house, just a couple away from the final, to finally track her down!

"It was a great experience and one I would definitely do again. Yeah, obviously I went in seriously looking for the man of my life, but it didn’t happen and when my time was up to leave the house after four weeks, it felt right. I was happy to go. I knew I was not going to be coming out with Mr. Perfect, so I have no regrets.

"I have always loved going on dates, meeting new people, but I guess I am a bit picky, so perhaps it was my fault in a way. What I am looking for in a man, and still am as I am happy and single and right now don’t have much time away from work to be dating, is someone handsome, dark, a foodie who loves to travel, good for a laugh and with big shoulders, I like big men.

"And since I’ve left the house, I think I’ve been on the one date. Before, I was dating all the time, I just love meeting new and different people and who knows... .

"I have always been very family orientated, I can’t wait to start a family, but I guess I’ve always been older than my age and went into the house with my eyes well open. I knew to get the girls onside first because we can all be real bitches and to be honest, I found the experience easier than I expected. I thought it was going to be a lot of bitching in the house but I learnt a lot about myself, especially just how to be myself and I would have liked to have had more of a chance to be myself and show that to the audience.

"That is why I am hoping to take part in another reality show in the New Year. I’ve been invited to a lot of interviews, there’s a lot of interest. I would love to do I’m A Celebrity or Big Brother, but there’s a lot on the table right now and I’ve got a really good feeling about 2018, it’s going to be a good year."

But having the luxury Love Island villa being located in Majorca was pretty surreal for Tyla.

"We were pretty much locked away all the time and when we were taken out, we were chaperoned by the crew and security. But I remember coming into Palma and I was convinced I would see one of my mates and I wasn’t sure how I would react, or be allowed to. Obviously I would loved to have rushed up and hugged them and I remember another day we were taken to play beach volleyball and I kept wondering if I was going to see my dad wander past, and then what? We were going to these places and I knew them all, it felt kind of odd. In the house we were cut off from the rest of the world, we didn’t know what time of day it was, but like I said, I loved the experience and many of us still keep in touch, some more than others.

"But one of the highlights was shooting the calendar out there. We did a sunrise shoot on Es Trenc beach, some exteriors at the Mardavall Hotel and then interiors and exteriors at a lovely villa in Bendinat. It just felt so comfortable working on the island knowing that if I needed anything or had any problems I could call dad or one of my friends.

"It’s a mixture of swim wear, lingerie and fashion and I’m really proud of the work, especially as it’s been done in Majorca. I can’t wait to get there as soon as possible but with work and Christmas it’s going to be difficult but I want to come out for the Christmas markets in Portals.

"Plus I want to get my jet ski permit and then my skipper’s licence, although I doubt dad will let me take control of his yacht and, of course, all of that is going to take time. Right now, and the way my diary is looking for 2018 at the moment, I am not going to have too much spare time to enjoy Majorca, but I intend to do my best.

"It’s such a special place for me and I hope that the TV series, whatever people thought of it, did the island justice because it showed off some of Majorca’s finest locations."

Including Tyla Carr!