Calas de Mallorca has never received full services from the town hall. | Archive

The resort of Calas de Mallorca was created in the 1960s. Part of Manacor, it has never been fully adopted by the town hall. Over the next few months this peculiar situation will finally be resolved.

Manacor's councillor for urban planning, Isabel Febrer, says that the formal procedure for fully "receiving" Calas de Mallorca will be completed before the end of the current administration in 2019. Once this is done, the town hall will have control of all services. The anomalous case of Calas de Mallorca has meant that the town hall and residents have spent the past ten years trying to get to this point. Febrer explains that there have been problems with identifying owners of land, checking the status of plots and dealing with all the resultant bureaucracy.

The town hall will, therefore, take on responsibilities for the likes of street lighting, sewage and water supply. The water network is largely obsolete and there has been little maintenance over the past thirty years.

Another reason why it has taken so long for all this to be done is that when parts of Calas de Mallorca have been in the process of being assigned to the town hall, cases of fraudulent land use have emerged. An example of this has to do with the use of public green space by a hotel complex.

The resort had been coping with little input from the town hall until 2006. It was then that residents protested at a council meeting. They demanded that the mayor, Antoni Pastor, do something about services. There have been improvements since then, and it would now appear that in the not too distant future greater improvements can be made.