Manuel Ambriz of Vueling. | Archive

The incident involving passengers who spoke Catalan on a Vueling flight was raised in the Balearic parliament yesterday. Passengers who were taken off the Barcelona-Minorca flight, following the incident with stewardess who did not speak Catalan, will receive the government's backing if they wish to file a complaint with the consumer affairs ministry.

Fanny Tur, the minister for culture and participation (which includes linguistic policy), said that there have been conversations with Vueling. The airline is investigating the incident and the fact that the two female passengers claimed that they were required to leave the flight for having spoken in Catalan.

Tur referred to another incident when a woman had to get out of a taxi for the same reason. Both incidents were "very serious", although they were "isolated cases".

Manuel Ambriz, the executive director for Vueling's route network, said last week that the incident had caused the airline a lot of pain and that Vueling does not wish to act in such a way with any client.