Owners are far from happy about the increase in the rubbish tax.


The municipal rubbish tax for holiday rental properties in Muro has increased on average by almost 550%. This rise is the result of the town hall levying the same rate for accommodation places in rental properties as it does for hotels - 67 euros per place.

The Aptur holiday rentals association, saying that the tax has in fact increased by up to 800%, is considering a legal challenge. Its president, Joan Miralles, says that the tax is abusive and disproportionate. "To equate places in holiday homes to those of hotels is a serious mistake. These properties continue to be residences. They are not hotel establishments and they are not occupied 365 days a year. It is a decision that has been taken without thought."

In one particular instance, a property with twelve places, the tax has gone up from 97 to 804 euros. It is because of this and other examples that Aptur is to have a meeting this coming Monday with Muro's mayor, Martí Fornés, about whom the association is making a point that he is "linked professionally to the hotel sector" in Muro. There is to also be a meeting today arranged by a different organisation - the federation for holiday rental stays (ETV). This is at 19.00 at the old market in Muro, and holiday rental owners are invited.

It was the president of this federation, Jordi Cerdó, who first drew attention to the rubbish tax increase. The meeting this evening will discuss measures that might be taken, including the seeking of a judicial review.


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Liz / Hace over 3 years

These people make up their own rules as they go along, with little regard for European law. This is one of the reasons we must leave the EU.


Steve R / Hace over 3 years

Every article I read about the the private rental sector seems to show the people making the rules are linked to the hotel sector in some way - is there ever a conflict of interest addmited!!!