Improvements to the square in Arenal have been demanded for years. | MDB

The regional government's "Borsa d’Allotjaments Turístics" fund is to be used for a long overdue makeover of emblematic tourism infrastructure in Arenal. This is the Plaza Reina María Cristina, popularly known as the Orange Square. It is in the Llucmajor part of Arenal and is, says the town hall, "outdated and seriously degraded".

Work to remodel the square will take place next year. The fund will provide 80% of the total cost of 520,000 euros. Projects that use this fund can receive a maximum of half a million euros. So in this instance, the full amount is not being used. Llucmajor town hall will provide the rest.

Improvement to the square has been wanted for years. In 2008 a project was proposed but never followed up. The current town hall administration explains that street furniture is outmoded, there are unused buildings, the lighting is obsolete as is the watering system for the plants.

The project will ensure that car parking spaces are not lost, that certain features are maintained, such as the trees, and that the amount of green area is increased.