Guardia Civil officers at the villa in Crestatx. | Guillermo Esteban

Work in the grounds of a luxury villa in Crestatx, Sa Pobla was brought to a halt on Friday morning when human remains were found.

The villa, which is on the calle Claveller in the S'Obac estate, was sealed off by the Guardia Civil, who were immediately called to the scene by the workers. Criminal police and the homicide and forensics squads all went to the villa. Initially it was thought that the remains could have been those of people who have disappeared in Majorca in recent years.

The workers had unearthed a skull that was about one metre down. Guardia Civil officers then found the remains of a second corpse close by. An archaeologist was called in to assist the forensics squad, and the Guardia are now satisfied that the remains are old. Evidence of ancient settlements has been found in Crestatx in the past.

Meanwhile, work at the villa has been suspended indefinitely, though it is no longer sealed off. The Council of Majorca's heritage department will assess whether there should be excavation work at the site.