Costa de Canyamel, still waiting for services. | Assumpta Bassa

As long ago as 2003, Capdepera town hall had planned starting to provide services to various estates in the municipality. Almost fifteen years later and property owners on certain estates are still waiting.

This is the case with both Costa de Canyamel and Cala Gat. The cost of providing services has in the meantime risen to 21 million euros for the two estates. Last week, residents' representatives met the mayor, Rafel Fernández, and the councillor for urban planning, Ivón Renaud. At that meeting they discussed the possibility of creating a board of compensation through which the services could be provided.

Cala Gat is the smaller of the two estates. There are 77 plots with permanent and temporary residents. The cost for services is put at 3.19 euros. Costa de Canyamel, on the other hand, has 848 plots, many of which are in the hands of investor groups. Most of the people who live there do so on a temporary basis. The estate needs lighting, pavements and drainage, for which the cost is estimated to be almost 18 million euros.

Providing these services is to initially be done through the so-called cooperation system. This means that the town hall is responsible for all the administrative procedures and the contracting of work. The town hall, even if it wanted to pay for all the work, is in any event constrained by the national budgetary stability legislation. The residents will meet the cost of work through the board of compensation.