Over 800 kilos of waste were collected at Portals Vells beaches. | Ajuntament de Calvià

More than a hundred volunteers took part in a beach clean-up on Sunday organised by Calvia town hall. It was focused on the Portals Vells and El Mago beaches and on the seabed. Divers from various clubs were involved as were volunteers from organisations such as Creu Roja (Red Cross).

A total of 820 kilos of waste was collected - 700 kilos of this was glass - while a fibreglass boat of over five metres in length was removed.

Afterwards, there was a presentation in Palmanova about the 2017 coastal and seabed clean-up campaign. Twelve clean-up operations have been carried out this year. More than 5,300 kilos of waste (plus that from the Sunday clean-up) have been collected. Over 600 volunteers have taken part; 245 of them have been schoolchildren and students.

Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez handed out diplomas to representatives of organisations which have taken part. As well as the diving clubs and charitable bodies, these have included Marineland, Port Adriano, the Santa Ponsa Yacht Club and the Palmanova-Magalluf hoteliers association.