Caught on camera. 216 kph.

05-12-2017Policia Local Palma

Palma police have charged a 27-year-old driver with a crime against traffic safety after he was clocked doing 216kph on the Soller road on Tuesday morning. This was timed at two minutes to one.

The speed limit on the stretch of road near the prison where the radar registered the car is 60kph. The local police alerted the National Police, and it was they who stopped him an hour and three-quarters later in the Son Oliva area. The driver was identified as Eduardo M. L., a native of Palma. The same car has previously been reported for speeding.

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Mr B / Hace over 3 years

Wow, nearly as fast as the taxi driver taking me to the airport from Palma Nova.


Eusebio / Hace over 3 years

Tough on him. He can kill someone due to his imprudence.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

This man is clearly a danger to other drivers,suspend his licence and order him to undertake a road safety awareness course at the very least.


Paul / Hace over 3 years

Yes. It looks like a Subaru Evo.


Larry HENSON / Hace over 3 years

Is that car capable of 135MPH?


Paul / Hace over 3 years

Lock the idiot up for a long time and crush the car.