Magalluf can stage athletics, but the facilities are very limited.

03-07-2010Nuria Rincón

For some years now the municipal institute of sport (IME) in Palma has been wanting a first-class athletics stadium. There is at present an athletics track at the Principes de España sports centre, which is operated by the regional government. The institute and the town hall's urban planning department are therefore working on a plan for this athletics facility to be by the Son Moix stadium.

There are other potential locations for athletics. One is in Playa de Palma, which the town hall will look to in any event develop. But the preferred site is next to the Son Moix.

In 2009 the IME started to consider an athletics stadium. What is now being contemplated is a facility for up to 5,000 spectators (which was the number under consideration eight years ago), eight lanes and the centre for field athletics: a normal athletics stadium, in other words. The institute and the urban planning department are hopeful of being able to start work on the stadium before the end of the current administration in 2019.

There are athletics tracks elsewhere in Majorca - in Magalluf, for example - but none of them are of a size approximating to anything that could stage a significant athletics tournament.


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Peter / Hace over 3 years

Agree with Chris. Wasn't Son Moix originally built for an athletics event? Why don't the IME engage brains and work together with whoever are the decision makers at Son Moix for a stadium that can suit both athletics and football. Do the owners of Real Mallorca know about this?

Call me a cynic, but this smacks of a dodgy money making scheme for someone (or several someones!)


Chris / Hace over 3 years

Where is the best place to build an athletics track???? Hmm next to an Athletics track!!!