While town halls seem to still be in the dark about rentals, some properties have been de-registered. | MDB

The Aptur holiday rentals association is criticising Council of Majorca "opacity" regarding its rentals zoning decisions. The association says that the Council has not been communicating the zoning criteria to town halls. These will determine where rentals can or cannot be.

Most town halls, adds Aptur, are unaware what the rules are to be and and also don't know the schedule for applying zoning. At meetings with representatives of various town halls, it became clear, explains Aptur, that mayors knew hardly anything about the zoning scheme or about the criteria for allocation.

The association believes that the Council has been limiting town hall participation in the process. And this has been despite the fact that, for many town halls, rentals offer a means of deriving greater economic benefit from tourism and of addressing issues to do with the seasonality of the economy.

A principle of the zoning is that town halls cannot request more places than those that the Council determines; they can only ask for fewer. The Council has in the past said that its zoning doesn't entail it deciding street-by-street or area-by-area where rentals can be within municipalities. These decisions will be up to town halls.

There are, however, that many strings attached to the legislation that it is already known that, for example, there will be no new rentals places (beds) in certain parts of the island; those which have been deemed to be "saturated".

Meanwhile, the tourism ministry has de-registered 725 holiday rentals places in 127 properties. The ministry is also processing the removal of a further 59 places in ten properties.

This elimination of places was mentioned some months ago, so this comes as no surprise. Essentially, these properties are no longer being made available as holiday rental accommodation. In some instances, owners have asked for the properties to be taken off the register.