Majorca's own asteroids.

The International Astronomical Union has named two asteroids after places in Majorca. "Andratx" and "Dragonera", which are respectively two and three kilometres long, have been adopted following hundreds of proposals from organisations and private individuals.

Andratx was the recommendation of the Andratx Astronomical Association, and the proposal of Dragonera came from the Majorca Astronomical Observatory. These were both forwarded by the Majorca Institute of Astronomy and Astronautics.

Asteroid 185580 (Andratx) is currently in the constellation of Aquarius, while asteroid 181419 (Dragonera) is in Eridanus.

It is expected that there will be an official event to mark the naming of the asteroids. In the case of the island of Dragonera, it is the property of the Council of Majorca.