Mae de la Concha, who became general secretary of Podemos in October. | Miquel À. Cañellas

Mae de la Concha, the general secretary of Podemos in the Balearics, is asking for time in solving the crisis that has arisen because of Biel Barceló's resignation. She said yesterday that Podemos wish to be "part of the solution and of the debate", and she called for there to be consensus with decisions regarding the posts of vice-president and tourism minister.

"Crisis is often an opportunity, and this is no exception," she added. Emphasising that Podemos are supporting the government, she explained that there needed to be discussion and assessment of those being put forward for the two posts. Referring in particular to the Més insistence on Bel Busquets becoming the next vice-president, De la Concha suggested that there might be others who are "more appropriate".

De la Concha was asked whether Podemos will now seek to enter the Balearic government. It has been suggested that the matter will be discussed at the party's council today. She said that this was not the reason for there being a meeting, that it is not on the agenda and that a decision will not be taken.