Peter Grondahl. | Humphrey Carter

Peter Grondahl rocked up in Majorca nearly eight years ago and he continues to be based in Palma and taking the world by storm with his free thinking approach to creation. No sooner had he ditched the red carpets, parties and premieres in his country of birth, Sweden, he was given a hard hat and was left to wander around the refurbishment work of Puro Hotel, gathering inspiration.

He completed that, went across the road to then create the interior art work for the private wing and the work just continued to roll in. Peter, whose studio in Palma is a cross over of so many influences and objects of art, is remarkably talented and innovative. But Peter’s scope as an artist is unparalleled. Not only does he excel in technique and delivery as a painter, Peter truly surpasses himself in his soulfully sketched larger than life charcoal portraits. Moreover, he is also a refined photographer producing works of an almost poetic appeal.

After years of having "worked" as a photographer on wedding, fashion and magazine shoots etc. he decided to lock all his cameras away, only to pick them up some ten years later in order to photograph what he wants to capture, the sermon goes for his art. He does not do commissions, no one tells him what to paint, draw, photograph or sculpt, he would rather "cut his arm off". He likes to be left to his own inspiration and nothing is too much of a challenge. His sculptures, for example, like his paintings are energetic filled with movement and executed with grace.

As an image designer Grondahl displays both flair and stylistic individualism, mixing in just the right touch of the enticingly subversive. He is by all means an all round artist, blessed with both skill and talent, his works a sheer pleasure to look upon. And once we come into contact with the range of his oeuvre, and become privy to the passion, dedication and fervour with which he follows his calling, he will no doubt become increasingly hard to ignore as a most significant figure in the international art world of today.

But take away the canvas and Peter does not stop there. He published a book in Swedish in 2009 about how pluses equal minuses and is currently, amongst other things, developing a film script which is being cast in Hollywood.

"The script came around by chance, I don’t call myself an artist, I am a creator, a live spirit, a free thinker. Years ago I gave up reading the press, watching TV, it is all so conflictive. Ask me what I think of Trump, for example, the answer is simple - I don’t. What’s the point. That said, if the world did not have conflict, no one would make any money, If we lived in a world of pure harmony, the pieces of paper or bits of metal we give so much importance to as ‘money’ would be worthless.

"I like to tell stories and that is what I hope to do with my movie. Today, film makers don’t tell stories in the true sense of the word. No one is making films like Gone With The Wind, true story telling, that is what I want to do. The problem today is that everyone is catagorised and ironically, it gives us security. We have a huge box in the middle of our chest full of insecurities which we share with so many other people that it makes us feel comfortable.

"It is so easy to focus on everyone’s differences, but what is not comfortable, although it is what we should be doing, is looking inside ourselves and questioning what we are doing, what we believe in. At the end of the day we are all the same, forget politics and religion, for example, they become important because we make them so. The news, the media, they are industries which have to make money and in order to do so in this 24 hour world, drawing on the differences is the easy option.

"It’s pure product placement and that goes through all of our lives, providing you have the money to influence and to be influenced. For example, who decides what we wear, what we drink and eat, the people with the money to make sure the world is brainwashed by items. At the end of the day, we’re more of the same but we’ve been told that we need to be different to everyone else, we need to be better, have more, that nothing is enough and that we can always be bigger than our neighbours and even ourselves.

"Money is only valuable because we decided so, in all honesty it has no real value, but we decided that a slip of paper and few pieces of metal were, are, going to be so important. Religion, what’s the real difference? Yes, conflict, which again equals money and pain, but what is the real purpose. I can pick up the Bible - it is a book, but the kind of book it becomes depends on the importance I give it. But at the end of the day, it is just a book.

"I have come to believe and try and live in a world in which I am not judgmental and do my best to respect everything around me, the people and the environment. We all have the ability to create the world we want to live in but it is not easy because it involves asking questions, questions about ourselves and that takes us out of our comfort zone which is something we are not used to.

"I maintain that the human race is the most stupid animal on the this planet - we show no respect for anything and anyone unless it involves spending or making money. We are so wrapped up in problems and those problems take over our lives, we are encouraged to have problems. Like I said, conflict makes money go round. Take that box of problems which has built up inside us out and we’re lost.

"We need to be looking around us, looking outside of the bubble in which we live. Questioning ourselves and one another. All we see and all we are presented with are problems because that generates money, but everything has a solution and more often than not, the solution is easy to find. However, the problem with finding the solution and living in honest harmony does not generate any money."