Mayor Antoni Noguera opened the exhibition. | Joan Torres


A room in the tower of homage at Bellver Castle that is dedicated to reprisals during the Civil War has been opened. Mayor Antoni Noguera and the councillor for culture, Llorenç Carrió, led the inauguration, the mayor saying that it was an act of respect for and recognition of those who defended democracy.

Thirty-four people were shot at the castle after the war broke out. Their descendants were present at the opening ceremony. The castle was used as a prison for opponents of Franco's Nationalists, and the title of the exhibition is "The Bellver Prison 1936-1939".

The centrepiece of the exhibition contains the names of 730 people who were held at the castle. Establishing who they were was not straightforward. The curators explained that there was no record of who was kept prisoner.

There are also panels dedicated to the most prominent politicians of the time, such as the Republican mayor of Palma, Emili Darder, who was shot in 1937.

Between 27 and 30 December there will be free guided tours of the exhibition. These are by appointment, which can be made by phoning 971 735 065 or emailing