An Arran poster for Majorca Day.


Pro-independence youth group Arran has called for "popular mobilisation in favour of the Catalan Lands" to coincide with Majorca Day (31 December).

In a video posted on social networks, Arran says that after more than two years in power of supposed "governments of change", there have been no real measures to recover sovereignty and improve people's living conditions.

The group adds that the "ecotax has failed" in that there is still tourism which promotes job insecurity, gentrification and "massification" of Majorca. "Tourism continues to be one of Majorca's main problems. It perpetuates a completely unsustainable model for the island's ecological capacity and people. It benefits only a few."

The video includes images of the protest Arran staged on Palma's Moll Vell pier in July, and the group explains that it will not tire of combating "this type of model" (tourism) through "popular mobilisation".

Also complaining that the "Francoist monolith" of Sa Feixina has not been demolished, despite the promises that have been made, Arran says that Majorca Day should serve as a means of "strengthening the Catalan Lands project more than ever".

There have been, the video goes on, the emergence of different committees in defence of the Republic, while there have been "fascist aggressions with the intensification of the conflict".

"The independence movement makes more sense than ever because of a state which has shown its most rancid authoritarianism through fascist groups which do part of its dirty work." Arran concludes that "it is necessary to widen the crack, overthrow the regime and build free, socialist and feminist Catalan Lands".


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Will / Hace over 3 years

This is why the EU is failing. People want their own culture, customs and language ie their independence, while appreciating others cultures. The EU wants a broad brush, one fits all model. Time to regain your countries governance.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Perhaps the children in Arran should move to Barcelona.?


john hughes / Hace over 3 years

V. Llemosi is Valencian ... Arran/Catalan paisanos can dream away but they are at the end commercially and isolated culturally


V. / Hace over 3 years


Catalan used to be considered a dialect of Occitan but that was a few centuries ago when it was known as Llemosí. It has evolved since then into a Romance language in its own right. Occitan is spoken in the Vall d’Aran. Both languages are mutually intelligible.

I’m not going to go down the road of Tabarnia! My original comment was simply in reply to your question about Mallorca being part of the so-called Catalan Lands.


john hughes / Hace over 3 years

pauper V. Catalan is a dialect of Occitan (used in the Catalonian parliament) .Occitan is endangered language to get approval from Tabarnia as they have the most votes


V. / Hace over 3 years

Anglophone not Anglosphone! Apologies for the typo!


john hughes / Hace over 3 years

V. ...Arran and Catalonia will take over all ...together ... with Andorra as the central bank ... JA JA JA... Catalans the chosen ones ...chosen by themselves ja ja ja


V. / Hace over 3 years

John Hughes, yes that’s right, Catalan Lands (Països Catalans) refers to the places where Catalan, or a variant, is spoken (along with other languages I might add):

Spain: Catalonia, Valencia, Balearic Islands, plus parts of Aragón and Murcia

The Principality of Andorra

France: Roussillón

Italy: the city of Alghero on the island of Sardinia

It’s a linguistic term just as Anglosphone or Anglosphere refers to countries where English is spoken, Francophone to French etc etc.

This is not a statement in favour of Arran or anything 'political'!!!


john hughes / Hace over 3 years

Mallorca ...Catalan lands ?


Jason / Hace over 3 years

Arran are a bunch of brain dead little kids, how does their opinion even make news !!!