An Arran poster for Majorca Day. | @ArranPalma

Pro-independence youth group Arran has called for "popular mobilisation in favour of the Catalan Lands" to coincide with Majorca Day (31 December).

In a video posted on social networks, Arran says that after more than two years in power of supposed "governments of change", there have been no real measures to recover sovereignty and improve people's living conditions.

The group adds that the "ecotax has failed" in that there is still tourism which promotes job insecurity, gentrification and "massification" of Majorca. "Tourism continues to be one of Majorca's main problems. It perpetuates a completely unsustainable model for the island's ecological capacity and people. It benefits only a few."

The video includes images of the protest Arran staged on Palma's Moll Vell pier in July, and the group explains that it will not tire of combating "this type of model" (tourism) through "popular mobilisation".

Also complaining that the "Francoist monolith" of Sa Feixina has not been demolished, despite the promises that have been made, Arran says that Majorca Day should serve as a means of "strengthening the Catalan Lands project more than ever".

There have been, the video goes on, the emergence of different committees in defence of the Republic, while there have been "fascist aggressions with the intensification of the conflict".

"The independence movement makes more sense than ever because of a state which has shown its most rancid authoritarianism through fascist groups which do part of its dirty work." Arran concludes that "it is necessary to widen the crack, overthrow the regime and build free, socialist and feminist Catalan Lands".