No more smoking if children are in cars.


The Balearic government is to prohibit smoking in cars in which children are travelling. The existing national law on smoking doesn't include this prohibition, so new Balearic legislation on addictions is to introduce it.

The director-general of public health, Maria Ramos, stresses that protecting minors from the harm caused by smoking is an issue of public health. She notes that regional governments can adopt additional measures within the framework of the national law. In the Balearics this means updating legislation to do with addictions that dates back to 2005. In order to enforce this legislation, the government says that there will be increased inspection (without giving any detail) and stiff penalties.  

Another aspect of the revised legislation will have to do with smoking on bar and restaurant terraces. Ramos says that some terraces have created "pseudo-interiors", which are in effect enclosed. She explains that the national law isn't clear enough and has led to "systematic non-compliance". Smoking on terraces is permitted, but these terraces should not be enclosed. The Balearic response to this non-compliance will be regulation that is "more restrictive".

From January, the health service and local police forces will cooperate on a campaign of increased inspections (and penalties).

A third measure will apply to smoking outside all types of health facility (health centres, hospitals, etc.) and educational establishment. In future, smoking is to be prohibited in the vicinity of these buildings. The precise conditions for this ban have yet to be established.

The amount of revenue from fines for breaching smoking legislation is low. In 2016 it was 44,730 euros. Up to the end of September this year it was just over 24,000 euros.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Tom,it's rich calling people simple when you can't even spell lepers,and just to let you know,I don't smoke either and lung cancer can be caused by other things,not just smoking.


James / Hace over 3 years

Tom, disageeing with your opinions does not necesarilly mean someone is simple,; maybe some people are more tollerant of others than you are. I say that as a non-smoker.


Tom / Hace over 3 years

All the thumbs down can only be from the lepars who smoke and you must be simple to enjoy lung cancer


Smofunking / Hace over 3 years

This translates as children will no longer be allowed to travel in vehicles where smoking is enjoyed.


S. / Hace over 3 years

Because people are smoking outside ,along the streets and terraces etc. I find I am searching for FRESH AIR. With the pollution ofEXHAUST FUMES and cigarette smoke , it is a major problem to find CLEAN AIR. Now the Clouds of smoke from " Blow Pipes " , polluting the air, I find this totally abhorrent, and life threatening to my health.


Les C / Hace over 3 years

It is illegal to use a hand held phone whilst driving, but one can still smoke. Not just for children, but a total ban of smoking in all vehicles, should be the way forward.


Mike / Hace over 3 years

Smoking is a disgusting habbit and should be banned everywhere the public are , and if your caught smoking around children the fine should be unlimited DISGUSTING PEOPLE AS BAD AS DRUGGIES, FACT