Might Council of Majorca's plans harm Cala d'Or?

24-09-2006Gabriel Alomar

Santanyi town hall is asking the Council of Majorca to work with town halls on the development of the Council's plan for intervention in tourism areas (PIAT). This plan, as its title suggests, does have an impact on the level of tourism activity in municipalities. It is linked to the zoning for holiday rentals, though the Council will be giving initial detail of these zones before the plan is finally produced in spring.

The town hall is led by the Partido Popular and it is concerned about how the plan will affect Cala d'Or, the municipality's most important economic centre. Mayor Llorenç Galmés says that Cala d'Or (and Santanyi) aren't just reliant on the number of tourist accommodation places but also on the activities in the complementary sector (restaurants, bars, shops, etc.). "We hope that we can arrive at a consensus," he notes


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Mark / Hace over 3 years

Hopeless, shambolic rules. I will boycott hotels in Majorca as a result of this. Having visited Majorca and Cala D'or several times in recent years with my young family, I had thought to buy a property, to moor a boat in the harbour and support the local area. Because of the ridiculous tenancy law, I will instead look to purchase in Greece or in the Caribbean. Instead of pumping hundreds of thousands of Euro into the Cala D'or economy and becoming part of the community, I will instead look elsewhere.


AndrewP / Hace over 3 years

I am assisting Majorca with the problem they have with tourist numbers, in September 2017, I visited the island, I paid approx 1500 euros for a nice apartment for 2 weeks and spent in the region of 1100 euros in restaurants, local shops and cafes not to mention my hire car from the most awful rental company in my experience. How am I assisting with the numbers problem? Well, in January I am heading to Tenerife, in April to Gran Canaria, in June to Menorca (3 weeks) and September back to Menorca. All I can say to the people who want peace from the hassle of tourism is "have a good life" Goodbye


E Weldon / Hace over 3 years

I’ve been coming over to Cala Egos for over 25 years! I sold my apartment last year and my usual three trips a year cut down to two -last year I booked an All Inclusive holiday in Porto Colom and I loved the hotel overlooking the lighthouse so much I’m coming back this summer but as for next year? I think I will be picking another destination for a change! I still manage to eat out at the local restaurant and bars and I certainly don’t spend every minute in the hotel-I’ve seen more of the island on holiday then my Spanish friend who has lived on the island for over forty years. Well Mallorca Government you have started to make my family change their attitude to a holiday in Mallorca-sadly they won’t be back and they thought they would be bringing their children to their favourite second home but No more! Last year changed everything for our family sadly we will All be going further afield next year 2-3 times a year-I will miss Palma and all my favourite haunts on the island and not All of them are Tourist haunts! It’s a sad day for the hard working Mallorquean businesses that you have such a self righteous bunch of Morons running the Town Hall and licences!!


Glen432 / Hace over 3 years

AndyR. As you say you and lots like you have had to make other arrangements. We are going to the mainland this year after 15 years of 2 or 3 visits to Majorca each year. Same reason,, the rentals are not available. Hotels are not our thing. Any apartment that has a license is well over priced. It may be too late for this summer. We can go elsewhere but got to feel sorry for the small business owners.


jim / Hace over 3 years

AndyR Well said.


AndyR / Hace over 3 years

We as a family have holidayed in Cala Egos for some 14 years now. I love the area and so do our friends who have stayed ! Also we love the improvements made by the money spent by the government making the village centre more pedestrian (tourist) friendly.

Unfortunately, unless the government do something about the suicide plans to stamp out private owner apartment rentals, all the money will be wasted because local shops, bars and restaurants will be driven to close without the private holiday rentals.

This year I have tried to book any of the private rental apartments I have stayed in previous years, but all the owners have told me they are not allowed to make holiday tourist bookings because the government will not give them a licence.

This is crazy! The apartments I have stayed have always been lovely home-from-home and very well maintained.

I guess the government is wanting to push all tourists into hotels. Well I can say for sure: I WILL NOT BE STAYING IN A HOTEL !! Nothing against hotels, I use them for business trips – but I now want a holiday and a holiday is NOT IN A HOTEL!.

People that book and stay in hotels, particularly all-inclusive hotels, probably rarely venture outside of the hotel so will spend very little money supporting the local bars and restaurants. Without the private rental market and tourists, I expect the bars and restaurants will struggle and would soon die and shut, this will KILL the tourist areas completely.

Anyway, because I could not book anywhere in Mallorca this year, I have booked a nice place on the Greek island of Kefalonia. Who knows, if we like it we may never return to Mallorca again – is this what the Mallorcan government wants, if it is then your plan is starting to work.

Please think hard before driving away the tourists that keep your island lovely. It’s not too late to change your plans.

Regretfully, AndyR.


Phil Powell / Hace over 3 years

I genuinely fear for Cala Dor's small businesses such as bars, restaurants, shops etc if the Govt doesn't stop using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. These people rely on the private tourists to earn their living. Cutting off the supply line that the private rental sector helps to provide only serves the needs of the greedy hoteliers whose customers hardly leave their hotels to explore and sample what this beautiful place has to offer beyond the hotel entrance. This legislation will create a ghost town.


Mike / Hace over 3 years



Jason / Hace over 3 years

Please, please, please, Cala d'Or needs holiday rentals without these next year it will start going backwards fast we still have empty retail units that each year have been getting occupied, I know a lot of the new owners are struggling as they have invested heavily, one bad season next year would be a disaster for them and the resort !!!