Might Council of Majorca's plans harm Cala d'Or? | Gabriel Alomar

Santanyi town hall is asking the Council of Majorca to work with town halls on the development of the Council's plan for intervention in tourism areas (PIAT). This plan, as its title suggests, does have an impact on the level of tourism activity in municipalities. It is linked to the zoning for holiday rentals, though the Council will be giving initial detail of these zones before the plan is finally produced in spring.

The town hall is led by the Partido Popular and it is concerned about how the plan will affect Cala d'Or, the municipality's most important economic centre. Mayor Llorenç Galmés says that Cala d'Or (and Santanyi) aren't just reliant on the number of tourist accommodation places but also on the activities in the complementary sector (restaurants, bars, shops, etc.). "We hope that we can arrive at a consensus," he notes