Hairy Bikers in Palma with Marc Fosh. | MDB

The famous and intrepid Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers and Simon "Si" King, tonight (Thursday) begin their new television series on BBC2 at 9pm, and their latest adventure will feature Majorca’s very own Michelin star British chef Marc Fosh.

The Bikers, who may have more hair than Marc but certainly cannot cook as well as the only British chef in Spain to have been awarded a Michelin Star (twice), sped through Palma last summer while filming The Hairy Bikers' Mediterranean Adventure.

The recipe book was published at the end of last autumn in time for Christmas and featured one of Marc’s dishes.

The bikers spent a few days in Minorca before sailing across to join Marc. Simon explained that the fact that the Balearics have eleven Michelin Stars caught their attention and they decided to come and investigate and sample the food. "But what’s extra special in Majorca is that you’ve got Marc, an award-winning British chef with an international reputation. So, we’re not doing any cooking; he is. We’ve come to sample his Mediterranean fusion food," they told the Bulletin during filming while touring Olivar Market with Marc.

Simon was extremely impressed with the fish market. Marc, who also writes for the Bulletin, took them through a selection of his favourite fish before guiding the Hairy Bikers, who have been working together since 2004 for the BBC, on a tour of the rest of the market.

He showed them some of Majorca’s finest produce and they met some of the stallholders. Then it was lunch at the market before heading off to Marc’s restaurant where he prepared Sea Bass a la Mallorquina for the bikers with the produce he had bought at the market. Simon and David later returned to his Michelin Star restaurant for dinner.

In fact, Dave loved Palma and Marc’s cooking so much, he returned for his birthday with a group of friends just a few months after filming. Si was unable to make it, but Marc said that he called the restaurant during dinner and asked for a few bottles of champagne to be charged to his credit card.

David is also looking for an apartment in the capital.