The Costitx bulls in the National Archaeology Museum in Madrid.


The bulls of Costitx are three bronze bull's heads from prehistoric Talayotic times in Majorca. They were discovered in 1895 and were sold by the owner of the land where they were found to the National Archaeology Museum in Madrid. The price was 3,500 pesetas.

There has long been a demand for the pieces to be returned permanently to Majorca, and the Council of Majorca - following a motion raised by the Partido Popular - has unanimously agreed to demand their return.

This is a matter for the national culture ministry, and there was a meeting in Madrid yesterday between officials from the ministry and a delegation from the Council of Majorca led by the councillor for land, Mercedes Garrido.

The vice-president for culture at the Council of Majorca, Francesc Miralles, had requested that the subject of the bull's heads be included on the agenda. The reason for the meeting was in fact to discuss the potential impact of high-tension pylons on the Tramuntana Mountains world heritage status.

The secretary-of-state for culture responded to this request by saying that it would be inappropriate to raise it at the meeting. The Council is therefore to send a further request - one for a specific meeting to discuss the bronze pieces.

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