The remains of Joan Losa from Pollensa have been taken to Catalonia, where his family lives.


The remains of fourteen Republicans that were recovered from the communal grave in Porreres are now resting in peace in the villages where these victims originated from or in the villages where families now reside. Fourteen caskets were delivered to families at a ceremony at the cemetery in Porreres on Sunday morning.

The mayor of Porreres, Xisca Mora, said that in the eighty years since they were killed and the more than forty years since the end of the Franco regime, the injustice had also been suffered by the families. The minister for culture, Fanny Tur, observed that the tribute to the dead was forty years too late. "But today, democracy is less imperfect."

President Armengol also referred to the period of time and stressed: "We will never forget those people who were simply fighting for democracy." On behalf of the government, she asked for forgiveness. "For years the administrations have done nothing, and for that I apologise. At the same time, I give thanks to the people who have fought over all this time."

With regard to what took place in Porreres during the Civil War, the president added that the government will lodge a case of crimes against humanity with the prosecution service. "The government will continue in this way. There has to be justice for those who defended democracy and freedom. We have waited too many years."

There were later ceremonies in Alcudia, Buger, Costitx, Esporles, Pollensa and Sencelles.


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Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Mr Little, all very well and good, but if my memory serves me correctly, the first socialist government was elected in 1982 ( 1999 in the Balearics ) 35 years ago. What has taken them so long ? Or is it a cynical vote catcher, something Armengol Is an expert at.


John Little / Hace over 4 years

The point is that it will be on record. The charges will be filed and the documents archived, so that in future years people cannot say - nothing was done. It is a technicality, but one which may give the families a modicum of closure.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Honour the dead by all means but what is the point in launching a crimes against humanity case when there is nobody left alive to prosecute.?