The cost of renting in Calvia shot up last year. | Archive

The price of rented accommodation in Calvia went up on average by 20% last year, according to the property website Fotocasa. A property of 100 square metres was 1,304 euros, and pushed Calvia into the top ten most expensive Spanish municipalities.

The report says that there was an average 8.9% increase in the cost of renting in Spain as a whole. A total of 44 municipalities were above this percentage, with five of them registering increases of between 20 and 30%; Calvia having been one.

The most expensive municipalities, in order, were Madrid, Sitges, Castelldefels, Sant Cugat del Valles, Gava and Barcelona. Calvia was seventh, with San Sebastian in the Basque Country eighth.

The average price for rental increased during 2017, reaching 8.15 euros per square metre by December, a figure in line with what it had been in 2010. The highest price was in May 2007, when it was 10.12 euros per square metre.