Image from a small demonstration that was staged in early summer last year.


The Human Pressure Index in the Balearics has increased by 45.7% over the past twenty years. This represents 641,210 more people. Information from the Balearics Statistics Institute has been commented on by the environmentalists Terraferida. They point out that 2009 was the only year when there was a fall - of 1.1%.

The maximum human pressure in 1997 was 1.4 million people in August. Twenty years later it had reached two million. Based on figures for population as of 1 January, in 1997 there were 764,089 people, while in 2017 there were over one million.

Terraferida say that the figures show that the tourism season is being extended and that the number of tourists is not decreasing. The group therefore questions government statements about a "new, more diversified and sustainable economic model" or "a moderation of summer peaks".

It is making various proposals to halt the "unstoppable increase in pressure". One is to establish a real ceiling for the number of tourist accommodation places. Another is to prevent any growth in the number of places. Further proposals have do with eliminating overcrowding in hotels and a cut to tourism promotional spending. The tourism ministry, Council of Majorca and town halls "spend millions" that are "unnecessary". The money would be better spent on inspections.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

"Human pressure" is clearly a wider issue than just tourism, and the article acknowkedges this - so it comes down to our breeding habits. It's a worldwide problem and made worse by certain religions prohibiting or frowning upon contraception. As to tourism, if you're a local living on the island, be thankful it is funding the education and upbringing of all the children you keep having!


george / Hace over 3 years

Even if you stopped every holiday rental - Mallorca would still be busy July & August. Rental prices will not come down as no one has built for the last 10 years and population has increased.

Supply and Demand.

Do not worry Mallorca the next recession is going to hit within three years, also the negative effects of the tourist tax will impact jobs and persons will have to leave the island as they will not be able to earn enough to live. This will free up more flats.

Property rentals will then again plummet as they did in 2008.

Economic history will always repeat itself.