Employment minister Iago Negueruela.

21-09-2015Alejandro Sepúlveda

The government is to amend a decree from 1990 which will mean that all bodies which receive either partial or total public funding will have to use Catalan as the main language.

The culture minister Fanny Tur, who has responsibility for language "normalisation" (or standardisation), is to introduce various changes to the decree that hasn't been updated since the time when Maria Munar was culture minister. The new rules will apply to written and verbal communications, and the government itself will also have to use Catalan as the preferred language.

Tur's ministry will guarantee the right for documents to be supplied in Castellano, if they are requested. Civil servants should always start verbal communications with the public in Catalan but "without prejudicing the right to be attended to in Castellano".

Public bodies will maintain the obligation for external and internal signage to be in Catalan. All radio and television programmes sponsored by the government will have to use Catalan, as will sports events that the government supports.

Senior officials and government ministers should use Catalan, although Castellano can be used. Not all officials and ministers are fluent. The employment minister, Iago Negueruela, is one of them. He has typically addressed parliament in Castellano. He is taking classes to improve his Catalan fluency.

Not all senior officials and politicians are native Catalan speakers. Another notable one is Alberto Jarabo of Podemos. He does, though, speak Catalan fluently.


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Harry / Hace over 3 years

Also stop ruining your children’s lives by giving them a lack of opportunity. Catalan focus in schools has already been detrimental to a generation.

Small island mentality. Refreshing to visit mainland Spain ecxluding Catalunya.


TBNT / Hace over 3 years

A step back in Mallorca’s progress. Inward looking and detrimental to future generations. By all means support Catalan language but don’t hinder efficiency and economic progress by forcing a non universal on everyone.


George / Hace over 3 years

Here we go again.