A new four-star hotel will emerge in Playa de Palma.

25-01-2018Teresa Ayuga

Redevelopment work on hotels in Playa de Palma starting this winter will cost some one hundred million euros. The largest investment is that of the hotel group Riu. It is spending 32 million on demolishing the Playa Park, which will be replaced by a new four-star hotel with 475 rooms.

The president of the hoteliers association, Francisco Marín, notes that this current wave of spending will bring the total investment over the past five years to 600 million euros. HM Hotels and the owners of the Cosmopolitan, Fontanelles, Aya and Playa Golf hotels are others undertaking work this winter. Marín says that the redevelopment is necessary in order to meet tour operator demand for increased quality and tourist satisfaction.

Since 2013, half of the hotel stock in Playa de Palma has been renovated. For the rest of hotels - two or three stars - it will be difficult for them to be renovated, Marín observes. There are 130 hotels in all in the hoteliers association; 65 of them have undergone or are undergoing refits and consequent increases in star rating. Marín believes that for those hotels which aren't being renovated a big opportunity has been missed to reposition them and to improve their quality of client.

Riu has committed 60 million euros for work at four hotels - the San Francisco, Bravo and Festival are the other three. With Playa Park, the new hotel will take the place of what has been a 362-room three-star.

As well as the hotel investments, the Palma Beach restaurant is being improved. Marín is grateful for this and also for initiatives by other restaurant proprietors. He is concerned, however, that not all businesses are going in the same direction and committing to adding value to the whole tourism offer in Playa de Palma.


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John P / Hace over 3 years

Will the Bulletin please get an assurance that none of these hotels will be all inclusive.Easy to do just ask.Will the answer be published ASAP.


Graham / Hace over 3 years

There is no tourism saturation - yes the streets get a little busy in Palma at times, but that creates the atmosphere. The rest of the world is busy, Hong Kong, Venice, Florence - popular streets will always have bodies. This island is becoming a "moaning minnie" obviously small island mentality. Get off the island and see the rest of the tourist hotspots - you do not have 1000's of Chinese tourists .... as you truly have nothing historically beautiful to see.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

The hoteliers are clearly the real power on Majorca,they say jump,and the politicians jump and the saturation word is never mentioned. The hoteliers have now achieved their objective of all but ending private apartment rental thanks to corrupt or compliant politicians so now they built more hotels to cram in those that they think would have stayed in private apartments,well done,Majorca,you have just sold your Island to the hoteliers.


MelB / Hace over 3 years

That’s another 113 rooms extra to increase the “tourist saturation” problem on the island. Who said that the hoteliers hold no power!!