The Llar de la Gent Gran building in Andratx. | Michels

Heating has been a problem for a number of local councils this winter. There was the problem of a lack of heating at the municipal library in Inca; this has finally been resolved and people are starting to use the facilities again. Now, the users of the senior citizens' centre Llar de la Gent Gran d’Andratx are complaining that the centre is far too cold and that the vast majority of people are staying away. According to members of the centre, not only is there insufficient heating and the building is “like an icebox”, there is no security. “Anyone can just walk in and rob the place. For most of the day there is no one on duty, we don’t feel safe.”

The situation has reached such extremes that those brave enough to use the centre are taking their own electric heaters with them, as was the case with a dozen women who turned up to play bingo in one of the rooms on Wednesday afternoon. Regular users of the centre have complained before. “It’s always been cold in here, but this year it’s been even worse. There are plenty of radiators but most of them don’t work and people are just staying away and that is disrupting our lives because we no longer get together for our regular chats, games of cards etc.” said one of the members.