Guardia Civil officers in Porreres yesterday. | Pilar Pellicer

The gang of robbers involved in yesterday's incident at a finca in Porreres had previously stolen 30,000 euros from the owners. They had been at the property some weeks and had warned the owners that if they were reported, they would kill them. Yesterday, they returned and demanded more money.

The man who shot one of the robbers is now identified as being 77 years old. The robber who later died in Son Espases Hospital was not a Moroccan (this hadn't in any event been confirmed) but a Colombian. It is understood that the elderly man had business interests in Colonia Sant Jordi, which is where the Colombian lived.

During the first robbery, the man was tied up and beaten. He did not report the incident.

The Guardia Civil are hunting for the rest of the gang. The reports yesterday referred to two men having entered the premises and to two others who were outside. There is, however, some uncertainty as to the number of gang members.

The 77-year-old man faces being charged with negligent homicide. He was not arrested yesterday. Although everything points to his having acted in self-defence, judicial sources suggest that he will be charged.