Apol-lònia, Pau's wife.


Three members of the gang involved with the Saturday robbery in Porreres that resulted in the death of a gang member were arrested yesterday. One turned himself in to the Guardia Civil in the morning. He is the twin brother of Mauricio Escobar Benítez, the robber who was shot and killed. The other two live in the vicinity of the finca where the shooting took place and had been providing information to the brothers.

The national government delegate Maria Salom explained to a press conference yesterday that Mauricio Escobar Benítez's brother had felt "trapped" and so went voluntarily to a Guardia Civil station. He was questioned for two hours and the other arrests followed shortly.

Salom talked about the incident on Saturday during which the 77-year-old owner of the finca shot Mauricio Escobar Benítez in the abdomen; he later died in Son Espases Hospital.

Salom deflected any criticism of the police, saying that the Guardia Civil had been working tirelessly to find the other members of the gang. She said that a specific incident such as that in Porreres was impossible to prevent. "We have very good local police, National Police and Guardia Civil. We could have one hundred more local police officers and three more Guardia Civil patrols, but it would still be impossible to stop certain things happening."

A Manacor court is now handling the whole investigation, and yesterday there was a re-creation of Saturday's events. The court and the police will need to establish if Pau R., who is in Manacor Hospital recovering from blows he received on Saturday, had intended to kill the robber or shot him in an uncontrolled act of self-defence. He does face a possible charge of negligent homicide.

His wife, Apol-lònia Mestre, has explained that the robbers had gone to the property on a previous occasion. Following what happened on Saturday, when the robbers didn't find as much cash in the safe as they had hoped for and had started beating the couple, she has naturally been in a state of shock. Scared to return to the finca, she is currently staying with one of the couple's children.

She has confirmed that the couple did not report the previous incident. They had been threatened that they would be killed if they reported the theft to the police.

Residents in Porreres have voiced their support for Pau R. They have also spoken about a lack of security. Recently, there was a report about issues with policing - local and Guardia Civil - in Porreres and neighbouring municipalities and about the number of robberies.

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Mark / Hace over 2 years

Richard don’t rise too them let’s see what they have to say when their family is attacked by this type of scum I for one am proud to be out of the eu and the sooner we close the boarders the better , dick by name need I say more !


Richard Pearson / Hace over 2 years

PS I apologise to those from the West Country if they think I am being racist.

It was not my intention to be so.

Would it be ok and not hurt anyone’s sensibilities if I instead said people who speak with a funny accent ?

Mind you, Spanish readers may think I have been.

You can’t win.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 2 years

And no, I don’t have any particular wish to return to the U.K., especially London, where knive crime has risen to endemic proportions, not to mention acid attacks, probably perpetuated by West Country folk up for a night out in jolly Olde London Town.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 2 years

Dick, if you read the local Spanish press, in particular it’s online editions, you would see that the ones published here are pretty lenient and unbiased compared to those written by the readers of the local ones.


Dick / Hace over 2 years

A guy got shot for doing a bad thing, yet somehow you want to bring race into this?

Seriously you guys need to go back to the UK where you can sit and be all chuffed you are not part of the EU anymore, the place is not an English colony


Richard Pearson / Hace over 2 years


Am I allowed to say the following ?

It’s you, who is extreme left wing, who has the problem.



Richard Pearson / Hace over 2 years

At the moment, the facts of the matter are that the dead mans twin brother handed himself in and grassed on the other two accomplices who are apparently “Spanish”, which doesn’t necessarily mean they were born in Spain.

The sad fact or annoying fact about this and several other similar cases is that the shot man had already been arrested on several occasions but was allowed to walk free.

This is where I agree with Mike. People of his ilk, should not be given their freedom ( blame the judiciary, not the laws) but instead sent back to whence they came from.


John P / Hace over 2 years

Nationality not bothered,colour not bothered,One shot dead not bothered,hope all the rest get long sentences and Hopefully the Inmates will give them the welcome they deserve.Lets see how hard they are dealing with under 70 year olds!


Dick / Hace over 2 years

Well actually Mike one has been reported as Columbian the rest are still unknown but thanks for the racist outburst, they are not hippy-democratic....its you who is extreme right wing who has the problem


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 2 years

Those criminals who are spoiling Mallorca more and more and also other nice places ,are the result of the new "hippy-democratic-way of thinking " by governments who keep on accepting these people. Of course more security forces cannot stop this but you can stop them at the boarders There were Morrocans apparently well there is no danger living in Morocco,no war or such things but they do not want this scum there neither They would be jailed for life if they would do this in their country and their hands cut off .Thank you again Europe, Merkel, Junkers etc