Mauricio Escobar Benitez (inset), the robber who was shot and killed. | Alejandro Sepúlveda / IB3 Televisió

The Guardia Civil have continued questioning the three members of the gang which tried to rob a property in Porreres on Saturday morning. They are due in court this morning.

The mother of Mauricio E. B., the robber who died after being shot by the owner of the finca, Pau R., is reported to be "totally distraught" at what has happened. One of her sons is dead, and the other one - twin brother Freddy - faces charges of illegal detention and robbery with violence.

Freddy, who handed himself in to the Guardia Civil in Palma on Monday morning, has suggested that two neighbours of Pau R. and his wife had in fact commissioned the robbery. The two, aged 44 and 58, are the others who will be appearing in court. They have been identified as Jose Antonio S.L. and Marcos R.V., in fact said to be residents of Campos and not of Porreres.

The Colombian brothers, it is understood, have previous convictions for robbery. Elderly people have typically been the targets. Pau R. maintains that he acted in self-defence as he feared for his life; he says that Mauricio was going to attack him with a crow bar.