While agreement has been reached on Playa de Palma terraces, there are still arguments over terraces elsewhere in the city.

01-03-2018Jaume Morey

While certain parts of Palma continue to create disagreement about the size of bar and restaurant terraces, in Playa de Palma there is agreement.

Residents and the owners of the establishments have decided that terraces in the most residential part of the resort area should be 1.90 metres and not 3.90 metres, meaning that there will be an additional two metres for pedestrians.

In the part which has the greatest tourist concentration - between the calle Perla and Palma Aquarium - the agreement is that the terraces can occupy more space. The town hall had been proposing 1.90 metres, but this will be increased to 2.70 metres.

The president of the Ciutat de s'Arenal residents association, Biel Barceló, says that this counter proposal was accepted because there are comparatively few residents between calle Perla and the Aquarium. Those who are there will not be inconvenienced by the increased terrace space; there will still be two metres for pedestrians.

The bar and restaurant owners have welcomed the roles played in the negotiations by the mayor, Antoni Noguera, and the councillor for public service, Aurora Jhardi. The town hall sought to broker a deal with the residents, and this seems to have been arrived at to both parties' satisfaction. The agreement will mean that no terraces will be eliminated, and the owners don't anticipate that the loss of space in one part of Playa de Palma will result in any job losses.


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