One of the floating waterparks that Calvia town hall put a stop to.


In February 2016, Calvia town hall rescinded a contract for the provision of waterparks in the sea off various beaches, such as Magalluf and Palmanova. The company, Maseob Es Raiguer (now Aquaarena Baleares), took the matter to court, and a ruling has now been made that annuls the town hall's ban on the water parks.

The contract was signed in 2014 and was for a ten-year period to 2023. At the time that the contract was signed, the Partido Popular was governing the town hall. In 2015, this changed and a left-wing administration headed by PSOE took over. A motion raised by the Esquerra Oberta (Open Left) at a council meeting in February 2016 was approved. The waterparks were considered to have a "disproportionate" impact, and the motion required the review of the processing of the project for "floating water games". This resulted in the contract being rescinded. The company was therefore unable to instal the water parks in either 2016 or 2017.

It now remains to be seen what happens this year. The lawyer representing Aquaarena Baleares, Josep de Luis, says that the company has suffered seven-figure damages and that the town hall opened itself up to claims. Quite how much the town hall might have to pay has yet to be determined.


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Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 3 years

@Steve. Yep, that's Mallorca. Jaime I has a lot to answer for....


Steve / Hace over 3 years

The brown envelope didn’t reach its destination ? So real justice was served.


Ron / Hace over 3 years

I would have thought that those off-shore water parks don't annoy anybody and can contribute to a good family holiday, as for sure this island will need to keep what tourists we will have happy. How sad that those left wing councils come along and overturn anything to do with private enterprise. Instead they create more killjoy 'inspectors' to snoop on any companies trying to make a living. The losers in this case will probably be Calviá residents who will have to fork out the compensation due from their hard earned rates money. Those loonies should be made to pay up themselves.