Ioan Ciotau, charged with the murder of his wife. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Lucia Patrascu was murdered by her husband in Puerto Pollensa in May 2016. It later emerged that Lucia had gone to the Guardia Civil station in Puerto Pollensa four hours before the incident, which occurred around eleven o'clock on a Sunday morning.

Lucia had told officers that she was having a hard time with her husband. They argued a lot over nothing and also because of their age difference. An Inca court has now established that she did not tell the officers that she had been assaulted and that there was no evidence which suggested that the officers should have filed a report for an alleged crime of gender violence.

Relatives of Lucia denounced the officers for having failed to pursue a crime. The court has now ruled that there was no "criminally reproachable conduct" by the officers, who refuted allegations that they had refused to raise a denunciation.

The court has found that the officers checked and discovered that there were no previous reports concerning Lucia's husband, Ioan. They established that Lucia no longer lived with Ioan and was instead residing at the house of the woman for whom she was a carer.

The case against the officers has therefore been closed, and the officers concerned have been exonerated.