Police in Son Banya yesterday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Some one hundred National Police officers took part yesterday in another drugs operation in the Son Banya shanty town in Palma. Operation Nitrate swung into action at seven in the morning. In addition to raids in Son Banya, there were ones in the El Rafal and Son Ferriol districts and another in Llucmajor. At least eight people - four men and four wornen - were arrested.

The operation was directed against the Ove clan. El Ove is on the run, but two of those detained yesterday were his sisters. The police seized 100 lines of heroin, twelve grams of rock heroin, 227 grams of hash and marijuana, 28 grams of cocaine and 3,255 euros cash.

During the operation, the insanitary nature of Son Banya was exposed. When police raided the main sales point, they were confronted by a giant rat that appeared from behind a wall. Several other rats were captured on film by members of the media who accompanied the raids.