Bookings for Turkey are giving Majorca's hoteliers something to be concerned about.


Hoteliers in the Balearics seem set to offer discounts in order to avoid a situation which has arisen in the Canaries, where there has been some reduction in UK and German tour operator and airline programmes this summer. Discussions with tour operators are therefore understood to have taken place at the Berlin ITB fair last week, with offers being lined up in order to counteract the increased demand for bookings to Turkey, Egypt and Greece. Discounts would therefore represent a reverse in hotelier strategy which, for the past three years, has meant increased prices. These have come about in part because of the insecurity in other destinations and also because of investment that has improved hotel quality.

It does vary from hotel chain to hotel chain and from hotel to hotel, but in certain instances it is being said that only around 40% of places are under contract to tour operators, meaning that there is potentially a great deal of capacity for reservations from other sources. While this situation can be beneficial to hoteliers, there is also a risk. One lies with tour operators that have their own airlines: flights could be rescheduled to other destinations.

In Egypt and Turkey, hotel rooms are generally cheaper than in the Balearics (typically by around 20 to 25%). In addition, as Maria Frontera, the president of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, has noted, the governments in those countries have been making subsidies available for the price of flights from the UK and Germany.

Nevertheless, the hoteliers are generally confident that tourist numbers will be much the same as last year. And it needs pointing out that the situation in the Balearics is different to that in the Canaries. What has happened in the Canaries is that airlines haven't stepped in and taken up flights that were previously operated by Monarch, Air Berlin and Niki to the same extent that has been the case with the Balearics.

Regardless of this difference between the two island regions, the hoteliers in Majorca and the Balearics are taking note of appeals from tour operators and, more importantly, the risk of business being diverted to other destinations. And greater risk is already being spoken about for 2019.


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Paul / Hace over 3 years

Perhaps the reductions in flights might have something to do with the relentless anti-tourist rhetoric and the withdrawal of thousands of longstanding holiday rentals. No airline is wanting to operate half full planes. Looks like the whole cunning plan has a touch of Baldrick about it


Mark / Hace over 3 years

Sounds like Lisa is describing the palia purto Del sol in calador it’s a disgrace it’s a throw back to the 70s


les / Hace over 3 years

This sounds good, but may be a little to late to save this coming season, as most people would already of booked this years holidays. The new 2019 brochures are out next month!


Lisa R / Hace over 3 years

Well certainly hols to the Balearics from UK are vastly inflated in price this year.Dont blame Brexit or tourist tax (we are glad to pay for improvements).Blame the operators who for too long have got profit from "3/4 star" accommodation , which doesn't match today's living standards. 80/90's rooms with glorious brown furniture, tatty decor ,bed linen & ancient tv's with remotes at reception (pay a deposit) like gonna take it ? So a lick of paint, new furniture, new beds & linen can constitute a suite this year !Brought up to days standards & we are still paying through the nose for it.Now to address the issue of tiny twin rooms sold as family rooms with a put up bed making it extremely cramped.Charging a third MORE for the room child over 12 ? That's adult price MORE profit but can't use some adult only facilities in hotel hmmm make your minds up , adult price = adult facilities. REVAMP certainly is very good but also REVAMP room sized NO MORE pigeon ducket rooms .


phil / Hace over 3 years

The Balearics has sold very well in the peak months and the offers will be for the shoulder months and maybe for hotels which have not been upgraded in the last few years so look "tired". Actually Mallorca is not too much more expensive than other Spanish destinations with similar standard of hotels. Hoteliers work the same as any other business and maximise prices depending on demand and of course it seems expensive in the July/August period, but that is everywhere in the Med. Overall hotels will be sufficient to full June till Mid Sept and the Hoteliers are trying to fill availability in the shoulder months just as the Bulletin and Bar/Restaurant owners have been asking them to do. I'm not saying Hoteliers are perfect or "Saints" but it does seem some people on here just blame them for everything without seeing their side.


Martin / Hace over 3 years

Not so confident now are we ? Looks to me like you gambled and lost , it goes to show greed will only backfire and bite you on the ass , losers