BCM was closed for the whole of the 2017 season. | Miquel. À. Cañellas

The Balearic High Court has dismissed an appeal against the ruling of a Palma court which had itself rejected an appeal for the BCM club in Magalluf to be reopened.

The high court was presented with an appeal from BCM Disco Empire S.A., a company within the Cursach Group. The company was seeking the lifting of the closure order made by Calvia town hall in April 2017. The club's licence was revoked because of irregularities that town hall personnel found in respect of major work undertaken at the club in 2015. There was "significant omission" of data regarding that work, which was to cooling towers and other facilities.

In addition to unauthorised work having been carried out, the town hall stated that some of this work affected the emergency exit at the club and therefore the safety of customers. The high court has taken the view that the revocation of the licence and the closure of the club were "logical" and the consequence of unauthorised work.

The town hall says that the reopening of the club depends entirely on deficiencies which led to the closure being addressed and corrected.