Yesterday's meeting at the national government delegation offices.

Lloyd Milen, British Consul-General to the Balearic Islands (and also Catalonia, Aragon and Andorra), held a meeting yesterday with the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, and the national government delegate, Maria Salom. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss cooperation for the coming tourism season, especially with regard to security and police issues in Magalluf.

One of the topics considered was that of Britons who come to Magalluf to work as PRs (aka tiqueteros) for bars and clubs. They are typically employed without a contract. Calvia police and the Guardia Civil stressed the importance given to reporting cases of apparent employment irregularity. The two forces also highlighted the need to let it be known in the UK that much of this PR activity is illegal.

The work of PRs is regulated under Calvia bylaws. Bars and clubs are obliged to obtain licences and to pay a fee in order to have PRs, who themselves need to have correct identification and documentation.

Also attending the meeting were the chief of Calvia police, Justino Trenas, the colonel-in-chief of the Guardia Civil in the Balearics, Jaume Barceló, and the British Vice Consul in the Balearics, Lucy Gorman.