Yesterday's meeting of tourism ministry and security forces representatives with Maria Salom.

Tourism minister Bel Busquets yesterday held her first meeting with the national government delegate Maria Salom. An outcome of the meeting is that the delegation, responsible for security matters in the Balearics, will collaborate with the tourism ministry on registering users of holiday rentals. This registration was covered by last year's amendment of the Balearics tourism law and is now also required under national law for citizen security.

The ministry will provide a list of owners of licensed holiday rentals so that the security forces (National Police or Guardia Civil) can make contact with these owners in order to be able to register people staying in holiday rental accommodation in the same way as is already done for hotels.

Salom and Busquets both stressed the importance of this collaboration in order that the Balearic Islands continue to be a safe destination. "Security is of interest to everyone," said Salom. Owners who have already contacted the security forces have themselves been collaborating "in a positive way", she noted. There is an obligation on behalf of holiday rentals owners to provide guest information for security reasons.

She thanked the minister for her cooperation, adding that the National Police, the Guardia Civil, the Balearic government and the national government delegation all need to "have control over the people who visit us in order to maintain safe and secure islands".