The Arran banner which appeared in Palma. | @ArranPalma


Jorge Campos, president of the new political party Actúa Baleares and of the Círculo Balear, has denounced the radical youth organisation Arran to the National Police, complaining about threats, insults, and incitement to hatred and violence against him.

This follows the appearance of a banner in the Hort del Rei in Palma on Thursday. Campos was depicted along with former Balearic president José Ramón Bauzá and the chief spokesperson for Ciudadanos in the Balearics, Xavier Pericay. The message on the banner referred to "illuminating the darkness and drowning fascism".

Campos says that since the Supreme Court upheld the prison sentence for the Majorcan rapper Valtonyc (Campos was a target for the rapper's lyrics and had denounced him), threats against him have increased. He now wishes to demonstrate that incitement to hatred and violence "must be fought with the instruments of the rule of law".

"These individuals feel supported and emboldened thanks to the irresponsible attitude of public officials and members of the Balearic government who sympathise with them, as has been the case with the condemned rapper Valtonyc. They are the cause of this increase in threats. Nevertheless, we will continue to defend freedom, democracy and the unity of Spain."

A citizens' movement, Values in the Balearics (Valores en Baleares), has given Campos, Bauzá and Pericay its support and has called for Arran to be outlawed. It is expressing its concern at the "deterioriation of the climate of democratic coexistence" in the Balearics and considers that the banner was an act of "political terrorism". The deterioration, a statement explains, "has been sponsored by the radicalism of nationalist parties ... with the passive complicity of the Balearic government presided over by the socialist Francina Armengol".

Arran, the movement argues, should be banned because "day after day it demonstrates its destabilising influence on coexistence and a commitment to violence in order to destabilise the social, political and economic life of the Balearics".