Manacor, an unwelcome honour but not a serious one.

24-06-2008Joan Mestre

A tournament by the online satirical publication Foc i Fum to find Majorca's ugliest town has ended with the honour going to Manacor.

Readers were invited to vote over a series of rounds which started with Manacor pitched against Inca; Manacor narrowly won. The other "matches" in the first round were Campos v. Sa Pobla; Calvia v. Felanitx; Consell v. Sant Llorenç; Son Servera v. Lloseta; Porreres v. Muro; Sant Joan v. Vilafranca; and Algaida v. Llucmajor.

Subsequent rounds led to the final between Manacor and Llucmajor, with Manacor emerging as the winner.

Town probably isn't the most appropriate description, as many of the contestants hardly qualify as a town. It was therefore a contest for the main urban centres of these municipalities.

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Will / Hace over 3 years

Yes it’s a bit sprawling, and like other towns there is a graffiti problem but the heart of Manacor ie around the church and old streets is lovely with individual shops and good restaurants. Well worth a visiting as is Rafa Nadal ten is academy.


S. / Hace over 3 years

Apart from the Church and its spire, there is nothing to admire in Manacor. It is the second City in Mallorca, but it could lose this title.


James / Hace over 3 years