Inca has very little tourist accommodation.

19-03-2018Maria Nadal

The cost of paying for tourist places (beds) is deterring investors from going ahead with projects for interior and city hotels in Inca. The cost starts at 4,300 euros. This is for the first tourist place for which registration is sought with the tourism ministry. For each subsequent place, the cost increases by 200 euros.

This is how the law stands at present, but investors are expecting (hoping) that there will be a modification. The mayor Inca, Virgilio Moreno, says that the government should reconsider the prices and take into account their impact on municipalities in the interior. Inca has six agrotourism establishments and no tourist establishments in its main centre. Moreno believes that the price should not be the same as it is in a coastal resort.

There are three projects - two for interior hotels (which have to be in the old centre and in buildings older than 1940) and one for a city hotel, which can be anywhere in the urban centre of Inca. There are a total of forty places for the three projects. This may not be a huge number, but for Moreno they would assist in creating jobs and providing some economic diversification.

In the case of the city hotel project, this is for nine double rooms with bathrooms on the first floor, a terrace and a pool on the second, and parking in the basement.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

There is not much in Inca apart from a market that has lots of fake goods for sale that far outnumber the genuine items.


Ron / Hace over 3 years

I'm sure the tourists are already queuing up to spend a week in Inca. And of course it is 'better in winter'.