Minister Marc Pons (third right) in Puerto Soller.

20-03-2018Govern balear

A fish market in Puerto Soller has long been demanded by the local fishermen, and it will finally become a reality before summer 2019.

The regional government has now got approval from the ministry of defence. When the project for the fish market was first presented in 2016, the ministry considered that it would "negatively" affect its interests and activities in the port. The regional minister for land, Marc Pons, said in Soller on Monday that there has been "great complexity" in being able to move ahead with the project.

The tender for the works on the public part of the pier intended for fishermen will be raised immediately, but because the tender process will take up to three months, work will not be possible until after the tourism season finishes. Pons suggested that it may commence in October, which is before the end of the season but when there is less tourism activity in Puerto Soller.

The overall project includes a building for the fishermen and their services that will cost 1.2 million euros and new lighting at a cost of 200,000 euros.

Fishermen's representatives, who had been upset by the delay in moving ahead with the project, are naturally satisfied, while the mayor of Soller, Jaume Servera, said that there will finally be "justice" for what is an important economic sector for Soller.

As well as the complexity involving the defence ministry there have also been negotiations with the pier's concessionaire. The government has recovered almost half of the pier that had been placed in private hands. The concession period has been extended and compensation is to be paid. However, the annual charge that is paid to the government will go up significantly, and work on the yacht club will involve investment of three million euros.


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Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

Fantastic , we embrace the idea and are looking forward buying our fish there, knowing a lot of fishermen . Now we buy the fish out of the "garage" next to La Payesa, old school but very fresh