When the protest announcement was made at the town hall on Monday. Valtonyc (black top and glasses); councillors Truyol and Molina (third and fourth left).

19-03-2018Jaume Morey

Susana Moll, PSOE's councillor for education at Palma town hall, informed a press conference yesterday that the town hall "is not going to support" Saturday's protest in favour of the Majorcan rapper Valtonyc (real name Josep Miquel Arenas), who faces a three and a half year sentence because of song lyrics which, among other things, insulted the crown and praised terrorist groups.

She explained that the town hall has already registered a motion which states that the sentence is disproportionate. She added that councillors can take part in the protest "in a private capacity" and suggested that the press conference on Monday at which two councillors were present along with Valtonyc and members of his support group had only been used to announce that there would be a demonstration.

Moll's statement followed what José Hila, the PSOE former mayor, had to say on Tuesday: PSOE respected the protest but would not support it. Opposition parties, the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos, had demanded the resignation of the two councillors - Aligi Molina (Podemos) and Neus Truyol (Més).

The Audiencia Nacional in Madrid has started the procedure for Valtonyc to go to prison. He was given three days from Tuesday to request a suspension to the start of his sentence. If there is no request, there will be a further ten day period for him to enter prison voluntarily.


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Will / Hace over 3 years

Viva España, well said. Excellent summary of politicians, particularly in Europe. This comment should be reported in the MDB for all readers to see and consider.


Vive España / Hace over 3 years

Isn't that a surprise? Sadly the damage has been done. To openly support something and then two days before the event say that you don't support it simply incites the die-hards to protest more. They will now of course say that the council has no 'freedom of expression'. I have simply never witnessed anything like the current administration and I thought I was beyond being surprised. Supporting a rapper who advocates violence and glorifies terrorism, supporting an arbitrary strike that hurts businesses that provide the revenue that pays them, branding politicians who want to break up Spain and have broken the law as 'political prisoners' and thinking......and excuse me because that is perhaps the wrong word.....that illegals, selling illegal and counterfeit goods should be given a 'safe zone' where they can pedal their goods. What is it about politicians worldwide who are voted in to represent the people and then follow their own agenda. Individually all these things would really make you question the logic of living here but collectively????? Life is perhaps too short to deal on a daily basis with politicians who demonstrate time and time again that they do not care about Palma, Mallorca or the people who live here. Més = MESS