The Bóquer walk from Puerto Pollensa is very popular.

16-06-2004Joan Torres

The interminable legal process regarding access to the Ternelles finca in Pollensa is branching out to embrace other walks in the municipality. A key element for the restriction of access to Ternelles is the stipulation for environmental conservation contained in the 2007 plan for natural resources ordinance, which has the unfortunate acronym PORN.

Owners of other land have naturally been taking an interest in the Ternelles affair and so are themselves seeking court protection in order to stop "massification" (too many people) from using the walks on the grounds of environmental conservation.

The Capllonch family owns the Bóquer estate. Hikers have always been allowed to use the Camí de Bóquer, but the family wants limits to numbers. It has asked for representation in the judicial case regarding Ternelles, so that a court rules that Pollensa town hall is obliged to abide by the same limitations which apply to Ternelles and are envisaged under PORN.

The 2007 plan identified areas of Bóquer that are subject to limits on account of their "high biological quality". Prior to the plan, a Supreme Court judgement of 2001 concluded that there is a right of passage to the coast along ways in Pollensa - there were six in all that were covered by the ruling. Until now, only in the case of Ternelles have there been express limits to the number of hikers.

Miquel Capllonch on behalf of the family is making clear that there is no wish to close the walk, but he is asking for "common sense" in making public use compatible with the environment and the nature of the estate. The family is currently appealing against a court decision excluding its representation in the Ternelles case. Meanwhile, Pollensa's mayor, Miquel Àngel March, recognises that there is a massification issue at Bóquer, but he would prefer that other options are considered for dealing with this than applying the PORN stipulation.


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cc / Hace over 3 years

I've done this walk quite a few times and to be fair once I reach the sea ill be lucky if I se a few other people and may be pass a few walking in each direction on the way there or way back, just another lets wind the tourists up application. Maybe when businesses see how quiet it is this year in comparison to previous years they will wake up and smell the coffee


Nigel Rawlins / Hace over 3 years

A sensible approach by the owners. I agree, compared to 10 years ago it is too busy and there is nothing wrong in controlling numbers to protect the environment. The area has become too popular for its own good, the new rental laws are to be welcome.


Paul / Hace over 3 years

Really - I've done this walk and it is by no means massified and saturated compared with walks in the Yorkshire Dales and Moors, Lake District or any other place that attracts tourists in the UK. It looks like just another reason not to visit at all and go somewhere else more welcoming.

Meanwhile, in other news Pollensa is now waking up and realising that no holiday rentals means no work for a lot of people